Friday, August 29, 2008


CELEBRATION, big or small, are happening all the time, and they are never complete without great refreshments. Food and drinks are also powerful triggers of the memory, helping you relieve those feel-good memories. Like how a whiff of freshly-baked 'love letters' can transport you back 10 years ago to grandma's house during new year. Or how a sip of F&N can bring back a flood of fun-filled, wacky or touching moments. That's exactly why food and drink are vital finishing touch to any celebration.
Establishing what occasion it is exactly that you're celebrating is when you can begin planning your menu.
Celebrations dont's have to be complex or eloborate affairs to be enjoyable. Here are a few fun tips to help you plan and prepare for your impending food and drinks frenzy
The tips are don't base the entire menu on things you've never tried before. Offer a variety of d'oeuvres for events that are held in between meals. Make sure, buffet away. Self service also gives you a chance to take a breather and enjoy the party. Hot entrees like noodles, rice, curries, and roasted meats are perennial people-pleasers. Then, stay sensitive to the needs of your guests. Something dramatic such as a chocolate fountain which not only tastes heavenly but also acts as a fantastic focal points in a room. Garnished are another great way to add colour. When choosing foo, take time to think about the drinks to make your party, reception or dinner complete. Remember the formality of the event and the tastes of your party guests. Consider drinks that complement the meal and the ambiance of the event.

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