Thursday, July 31, 2008


Polycyclicaromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) formed on charred parts and in the smoke from dripping juices, and heterocyclic amines (HCAs) which formed when high heat reacts with red meat, poultry and fish are two common carcinogenic compounds linked to BBQs.If you must grill, hat we need to do is consistently flip and turn food at least once every minute over a lower heat to cook it evenly.Use tongs to flips food, as a fork's food piercing will cause juices to drip out and burn into car.Microwave burgers, poultry, ribs and fish before grilling as this eliminates 90 percent of HCAs, tip researchers at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, California.What we don't need to do is dump frozen foods straight to the grill as they will char and the outside before the inside is cooked.Marinate raw meat in thick sauces which can triple HCAs and PAHs, according to the Cancer Triple Center of Hawaii.Instead cover it with the thin, watery sauce for at least 10 minutes prior to grilling.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We have trouble enough maintaining our friendship through school and college.To make matter worst, today's airplane-happy society means that friends will often be scattered all over the globe.Good friend, are hard to keep.But as long as you want to, there are ways to keep friendships alive over time and space.First, celebrate your friendship.Cyber-clique are a great idea, perfect for staying connected in a day-to-day sense and for memorising your friendship in a way only blogs can do.But to really stay in touch with each other in literal sense, you have to commit to meeting face-to-face on a regular basis.Second, stay connected.The first rule of any enough to just like call or text, whenever something is going down but all these communication tools have a crucial drawback, because they have no memory.Third, stay friends by plan for the future.By planning for the future, you can make it less uncertain adult years.Lastly, keep close closer.The mistakes most friends make when parting waste is to say goodbye, but it does not have to be that way.You may not stay bestfriends across all that distance, but you can certainly very remain very close indeed.
-Stacy Noele (CLEO)-


Time- we all need more of it. Time to work, time to play, time for you, time for me. Time is the most precious of al things. If you are healthier you might be able to achieve a little bit more and if you were healthier, you might be able to achive a little bit more and if you were wealthier you might not have to do anything at all.But just imagine what you could do with just one or two extra hours everyday.Our first super little helper is the internet.The internet and all its wonderful, magical power is high and on the list of any effective time management these days is.It's impossible to understand how very helpful the world wide web really is.Second, courier services.Courier services are a great help for folks who don't like driving around running errands.To everage charge is between RM5 and RM10 per errand.They will come to your doorstep to pick up your stuff and drop it off whereever you need.Third, Home-delivered food.To those off us whom eat to live, there is no more detestable chore, bigger waste of time, than cooking.There is about a good restaurant that deliver to your doorstep. Not all food is edible after delivery, though.One should never order noodles, hotpies or steaks because there are soggy, mushy and miserable by the time they arrive and you can't really blame the poor butler for that.
-Andrian Christopher (CLEO)-

Friday, July 25, 2008


A good healthy life is what everyone, young and old wishes to have as it signifies a life free of disease.It is therefore important to know how to achive this.First, have positive qualities such as have right mindset of responsibility, commitment and accountability.Secondly, knowledge of food lobes and alsoto educate oneself through reading, asking advise.Last but not least is holistic healthy lifestyle that involves positive and disciplined attitude to life.


Handphone is such an important part of a teenagers life.....
What your opinion about that?It is true and why?.....


Exercise is one of the key way to manage weight.When exercising, one should decide on whether to have more frequent short sessions or less frequent long session.There are more benefits if one exercises longer as more fat ins burnt.Monitoring one's heart rate during exercise sessions ensures that one is exercising at the right intensity in order to achive one's fitness goals.The heart monitor is the easiest and most accurate measurement of heart rate.A higher fat, low carbohydrate diet is also recommended.So one should merely out down the amount of food on eats instead of not eating altogether.


All of us feel very sleepy after taking lunch.Where is our wrong because every morning when we come to our place to work or study, we always in condition of feeling so fresh and active.Actually this situation happen related to the body's biological clock and naturally making some people get really sleepy especially around 2pm to 3pm.
However, we should not only keep blaming time or natural processs in our body that cause us sleepy.One of the causes is our eating habit that give effect to the body.How many of us taking breakfast perfectly?Need to remember, a cup of coffee or tea not called a breakfast.
To being active and healthy and the most important thing is to prevent sleepy, we need to start our day with a special and healthy breakfast.Women being suggest to take breakfast that have 300 to 400 calory and for men is about 500 calory.
A lot of people have been misconception about carbohydrate which they think it can make people become fat. But present of the carbohydrate in our body can make our brain and muscle functioning well.
There are some tips to overcome sleepy.One of them is always make a move. After taking lunch or dinner, we can walk around about 10 to 15 minutes.Always drink a lot of water. We also can have short sleep around 10 to 15 minutes.Eat in a small quantity , for breakfast, lunch and dinner.We also need to choose different source of food and don't eat sweet or drink coffee. Eat a lot of sweet can make glucose level in our blood become high.
Therefore, there are many ways we can take overcome sleepy.We can take this oppurtunity to enjoy our life more.