Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Time- we all need more of it. Time to work, time to play, time for you, time for me. Time is the most precious of al things. If you are healthier you might be able to achieve a little bit more and if you were healthier, you might be able to achive a little bit more and if you were wealthier you might not have to do anything at all.But just imagine what you could do with just one or two extra hours everyday.Our first super little helper is the internet.The internet and all its wonderful, magical power is high and on the list of any effective time management these days is.It's impossible to understand how very helpful the world wide web really is.Second, courier services.Courier services are a great help for folks who don't like driving around running errands.To everage charge is between RM5 and RM10 per errand.They will come to your doorstep to pick up your stuff and drop it off whereever you need.Third, Home-delivered food.To those off us whom eat to live, there is no more detestable chore, bigger waste of time, than cooking.There is about a good restaurant that deliver to your doorstep. Not all food is edible after delivery, though.One should never order noodles, hotpies or steaks because there are soggy, mushy and miserable by the time they arrive and you can't really blame the poor butler for that.
-Andrian Christopher (CLEO)-

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