Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~~~~MY MEMORY~~~

This memory I will remember for the whole of my life. When I was study in Labuan Matriculation College (LMC), I went to camp located at Kampung Tempurung, Kuala Penyu, Sabah. Actually, I didn’t want to go for that camp because I was not interested to go to the any kind of camp or co-curiculum activities.
On that historical Friday, all the participants need to gather around 11.00 am. My friend and I was coming late to the gather location, therefore, we got free lecture from the lecturers.Fuhh..what a bad day. Then after heard some briefing from our head camp commandant, we leave LMC around 12.00 pm. I’m really wanted to run back and hope this camp got last minute cancelled. From Labuan, we need to take a ferry to the Menumbok, Sabah. Then, from Menumbok we will proceeded our journey to the Kampung Tempurung at Kuala Penyu.
We arrived around 7.00 pm and after a long journey, we couldn’t take any break because we arrived so late and we need to build camp before night became darker. Our camp commandant became angry with us and all of us got punishment which pumping around fifty time. On that night, we did a lot of activities like ice breaking and games.
Second day, I need to wake up around 4 am because I became one of the ‘centri’ which my duty was to guard my friends safety. Beside that, I need to boil water and immersed mee to be our breakfast on that day. Early in the morning, all of us jogging at the beach. So refreshing and calming. After breakfast and heard instruction from our instructor, around 11.00 am, we had jungle tracking. Very tiring and I had to faced a lot of difficulty before arrived to the finished line. The most difficult one is I need to across the river. After jungle tracking, we had games which is like explorace. The most embarrassing one, I need to sing Titanic song to got a clue.
On that night, we had cultural night which is we need to present a performance to the instructors. Then, the most scary one, we had night walk which is we need to walk alone in the darknest around fifteen minutes.Fuhh...like a nightmare.
Third day, like the day before all of us had jogging. After that, we work together to clean up the village. Then, we got games. So enjoyable and all of us felt very happy even we felt so tired. But not everything leave us a sweet memory, until now i’m regret for what I had done during that camp. Because of me, all my friends got punishment which we need to pumping more than one hundred time. I felt so sad because became so coward and because of that incident I learned that the most valuable things in my life. Lets the incident became secret and only certain person knew it. Because of this camp, I can’t heard these two songs ‘mungkin nanti’ and ‘ruang rindu’.These songs will make me sad and will automatically remembered me to this camp.
All of us left the village around 2 pm after the ceremony. When I was in the ferry, i can seen very beautiful view, sunset in the sea. I’m feel very happy because I can saw it with my lovely one..hehe..We arrived at LMC around 10.00 pm.Even I’m felt very tired like don’t want to wake up again, but I can learn so many valuable things in my life. This memory I will keep it inside on my heart for the rest of my life and I will not going to forget it. Let it become a lesson for me and also to all my friends.

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fulamak, ade abg USM kt c2... huhu... nape x gmbr sblh2... haha...